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Our 2016 Charity Selection

Business is the engine that drives the wheels of change and we want the changes that come to be motivated by good deeds and selflessness rather than by greed. Businesses have a community that they serve in a variety of levels and it is the businesses responsibility to give back to the people that build them up. At a Small Biz Startup convention I attended last summer in Orlando, Florida. I heard a Keynote by local small business owner Don Snyder from InstaDry. He said that the biggest move he made for his business was the push away from trying to grow the business and towards trying to help grow the community. He commonly quoted the saying, "The only problem a business dedicated to service will have is embarrassingly large profits."

When we came home we immediately started our outreach to the community and have taken part in a variety of service outreaches since then. This year, we plan to donate 10% of all profits to the Sheldon Community College. We want to encourage students to begin their life en route to high paying jobs rather than sub standard jobs. To join us in this endeavor you may simply commit to working with us this year or you can donate directly. Thank you for your years of business.

Sharon Acevedo

Sharon is the head of this operation. She over sees all workers and assists in managing purchases.

Arthur Kirkpatrick

Arthur is the head of all major purchases made. Aswell as managing our FAQ.

Stanley Dunning

Stanley is the head of our community. He also manages dates and our schedules