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The Story Behind Our Company

This business all started one summer break, when me and my friends needed some extra pocket cash. I went over to my friends house asking about some ways we could put this idea into action. We started joking around how we could start a lemonade stand. After some brain storming he had the idea to make a lawn mowing service. At first I thought this idea was stupid, but with some thought I realized there was some major money to be made with an idea like this. So we took an old lawn mower out of my parents garage. We cleaned it up a little but before we tested it out. It worked perfectly. After that, We began to create fliers and put them up over town. We wanted people to know about out service so we also asked people to spread the word for us. With hard work and time, our business transformed into what it has become today.

Very Speical Thanks To...

  • Robert Gillis
  • Patsy Singleton
  • Esperanza Savag
  • Frank Herrod
  • Jose Welch
  • Robert Reeser
  • Fran Center

Sharon Acevedo

Sharon is the head of this operation. She over sees all workers and assists in managing purchases.

Arthur Kirkpatrick

Arthur is the head of all major purchases made. Aswell as managing our FAQ.

Stanley Dunning

Stanley is the head of our community. He also manages dates and our schedules